Board Strategic Plan

Touchstone Institute’s Board of Directors govern our corporation by setting strategic direction, monitoring fiscal health, and overseeing the organization’s performance in fulfilling the mission:

To excel in providing competency assessment and education services that meet professional and societal needs.

In the Fall of 2021, the Board worked with a facilitator to create a Strategic Plan for 2022-25. The new three-year plan with four priorities was approved on February 3, 2022.


The Four Priorities

1. Engage and Empower Staff

2. Build and Enhance Strategic Relationships

3. Evolve Touchstone Institute's Business as a Key Contributor to the Provision of Health Human Resources

4. Ensure Technology and Analytics Drive Informed Decision Making and Program Delivery

The four priorities each have success indicators and goals. A Strategic Plan Implementation Team is identifying, actions, deliverables, accountabilities, and timelines to achieve each goal.  
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