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Communication through Simulation (ComSim) is a formative intercultural communication program designed to increase awareness and stimulate strategies for general workplace communication competence in Ontario’s health force. It is delivered in a five-module structure by instructors with culture and communication expertise.

In 2022, we offered the program to visa trainees in the Canadian Medicine Primer (CMP) in support of their transition into residency and fellowship training. Of the 78 physicians registered for CMP, 17 elected to register for ComSim.

Nursing self assessment

Nursing Communication Self-Assessment

We are progressing through a two-year agreement with Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) to produce an interactive communication tool for nurses. The grant began to flow in late March 2021 and will continue to March 2023.


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Pharmacy Self-Assessment

In 2020-21, Touchstone Institute completed a project for the National Association of Pharmacy Regulatory Authorities (NAPRA). The project consisted of creating a virtual diagnostic assessment tool, which focused on three competency-based learning modules:

  1. Knowledge of the Canadian healthcare system
  2. Professional communication skills in a pharmacy setting, and
  3. Cultural awareness and diversity in Canada.

A new contract was signed with the NAPRA to create a French Language version and to host and manage the Learning Management System (LMS) for the online interactive diagnostic tool and learning modules throughout 2021-22. As of April 2022, the course has been accessed by 403 learners.

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