Planning for Tomorrow

Four Priorities for the Future


Board Strategic Plan

The Board and senior staff worked with a facilitator on November 4, and again on December 1, 2021, to identify priorities and goals for the organization in the coming years. Information and deliberations from these meetings were documented resulting in a Strategic Plan for 2022-25. The new three-year plan is built around four priorities and was formally adopted by the Board on February 3, 2022.

Board Strattegic Plan

1. Engage and Empower Staff

  • Staff feel that they are able to contribute effectively to the organization’s mission and that their value is recognized fairly and objectively  
  • Employees are well skilled and supported to adapt to evolving industry trends through ongoing learning to develop unique expertise 
  • Develop succession plan for Senior Leaders, Directors and SME’s
  • Develop and implement a comprehensive Equity Diversity Inclusion and Access (EDIA) strategy
  • Identify the learning and development needs of staff to ensure business needs and goals are met
  • Identify and develop a plan to address issues of staff disengagement
  • Develop a Recruitment and Retention Plan
  • Develop a plan for hybrid/remote work

2. Build and Enhance Strategic Relationships

  • Key Stakeholders recognize Touchstone Institute as a “solution focused” organization 
  • Key Partners and Stakeholders promote and support Touchstone Institute services 
  • Identify key partner and stakeholder relationships to identify new opportunities in Health Human Resources
  • Develop a marketing and engagement plan to promote awareness of Touchstone Institute’s brand
  • Enhance government relations

3. Evolve Touchstone Institute’s Business as a Key Contributor to the Provision of Health Human Resources

  • Capacity is increased to assess and prepare healthcare professionals in their journey towards competent service in the healthcare delivery system 
  • Review programs and service mix for appropriateness and expand, reduce, consolidate as needed 
  • Develop and extend Touchstone Institute's reputation as a virtual remote provider at a national level 
  • Align the brand to the new priorities to expand our reach  
  • Create a Business Development plan/strategy 
  • Secure new funders/clients and maximize revenue from existing funders and clients 

4. Ensure Technology and Analytics Drive Informed Decision Making and Program Delivery

  • Touchstone Institute is recognized by key stakeholders as a technology driven and data informed enterprise 
  • Develop a comprehensive and integrative IT strategy building on existing knowledge and infrastructure 
  • Formulate the more detailed Implementation plan 
  • Implement the IT Strategy 
  • Review the impact of technology analytics on service delivery and decision making 
  • Use global data for senior leadership decisions regarding proposals, and spending ensuring accountability 
  • Identify and elevate Tech Champion of Touchstone Institute – our “voice” 

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