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Perspectives is an annual one day symposium hosted by Touchstone Institute in Toronto, Canada. The aim is to facilitate connections among disciplines to encourage communication and knowledge-sharing around topics in assessment and education.

Interdisciplinary and interactive, the Perspectives Symposium has been engaging industry stakeholders since 2015. The following topics have been explored through a day of professional speakers, bringing their perspectives and expertise together to discuss current and future trends.

  • 2015 Perspectives in Competency Assessment
  • 2016 Perspectives on Communication Competency
  • 2017 Perspectives on Successful Transitions for Internationally Educated Health Professionals
  • 2018 Perspectives on Assessment Validity
  • 2019 Perspectives on Professionalism
  • 2020 Perspectives on Standard Settings
  • 2021 Perspectives on Virtual Simulation
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This year’s event will be hosted online.

2021 Symposium

We started planning our Winter Perspectives Symposium in the summer, when things were looking pretty good. We suspected that a discussion on virtual performance assessment would be topical, but failed to predict that we would be pulling out all the stops to get there ourselves. The resources we are now deploying to move our in-person exams into the virtual realm are the same resources we had assigned to the symposium. With this commitment to resume testing for our clients and examinees, I am truly sorry that we are not able to proceed with the 2021 Perspectives symposium as planned. We hope to reschedule.