Congratulations on your residency match!

We are pleased to welcome you to the Pre-Residency Program at Touchstone Institute. Please bookmark this page as it is not available from our main website. 



Instructions to register:

  1. Sign up to access the registration portal by clicking here.
  2. Once registration has been completed, you will be prompted that your registration has been successfully submitted. 


Touchstone Institute will inform you which program session you are confirmed to attend.


Learning Accommodation

If you have a learning accommodation, please let us know upon completing your registration and we will share our Accommodation Policy. 


Touchstone Institute is committed to ensuring you have as much notice as possible to arrange pertinent life matters accordingly.

While we strive to ensure your transition to residency training is smooth and meets your needs, we are not able to accommodate every date request. It is important that you are aware and prepare to be available for all potential program dates as you could be assigned to any of the iterations.

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Touchstone Institute

145 Wellington St. W.,
Suite 600
Toronto, ON  
M5J 1H8

Before the Program

The Pre-Residency Program will be delivered in a hybrid modality. The Foundations Module programming will be delivered virtually. All learners attending the programming are expected to:

  • Attend all live sessions as scheduled
  • Complete all asynchronous sessions and activities as specified in the Learning Management System (LMS)

To participate in programming, learners are required to have:

  • A stable and secure internet connection
  • Attend on a device that supports a camera and microphone (Computer or tablet recommended; phones will not be supported for live sessions)
  • Zoom installed and up to date on your supported device

To optimize the experience of the program, learners are recommended to have:

  • A private and quiet space to attend programming
  • A separate headset (wired or wireless)

The Advanced Module will be delivered in-person at 145 Wellington St W, Toronto. To learn more about our COVID-19 policy and masking requirements, click here.

A dedicated Online Learning Management System (LMS) has been developed for your use during and after the program. The LMS includes webinar links, online modules, pre-readings (if applicable), and session resources.

You will receive portal access instructions prior to the beginning of your session.

A friendly reminder to ensure that your immunization record is up to date to avoid delaying your residency start. If you are unsure of your immunization requirements prior to your training, please contact your Program or PGME office.

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During the Program

The Pre-Residency Program is mandatory and is to be completed in its entirety as per the policy established by the Postgraduate Education – Council of Ontario Faculties of Medicine; an affiliate of the Council of Universities.

If you would like to review a copy of the attendance and exemption policy, please contact us upon registration for more information.

To help offset costs associated with attending the PRP, the Ministry of Health funds OMA negotiated bursaries for CaRMS matched IMGs who attend the program. You will receive the bursary once your course is completed.

Family Medicine - $2,250 CAD

All Other Specialties - $750 CAD

Attendance and participation in the Pre-Residency Program is the beginning of your postgraduate training in Ontario. Accordingly, it is expected that you demonstrate professionalism as you would in a clinical postgraduate training environment.

Our program uses a blended approach to curricular delivery that includes:

  • Didactic sessions
  • Simulation with formative quantitative and qualitative feedback 
  • Online modules
  • Reflective post-session activities 

To better understand how the program is delivered, please ensure you watch the video above. Additional information can be found on the Pre-Residency Program Page.

To help support learners as they transition into training, Touchstone Institute offers learners a mentor upon request. Confidential consultations with mentors during the program can range from simple discussions on practice in Ontario, to specific recommendations and supports that will assist learners in future training.

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After the Program

Learner Evaluation Report

To demonstrate completion of the program, a report is provided to program directors. The report comprises the following information:

  • Attendance
  • Simulated client performance indicators
  • Online module completion
A person in scrubs talking to a patient while examiner watches
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