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Perspectives on Virtualization Symposium Presentations Posted

Thursday, February 17 marked the 8th annual Perspectives Symposium – a one-day event  hosted by Touchstone Institute, with the aim to facilitate connections among disciplines to encourage communication and knowledge-sharing around topics in assessment and education.

Our original plans to host a hybrid (virtual and in-person event) were changed due to the pandemic, and the event went strictly virtual. This allowed us to save resources allocated to catering and live-broadcasting and we offered the event free to all participants. While we were disappointed not to see our peers (masked) face-to-face, this allowed people to participate from anywhere in the world.

This year’s topic was Perspectives on Virtualization, which is timely as we begin to see mandates lifted after much of society spent two years online, accelerating virtual and remote solutions. The presentations were engaging and led to some fruitful discussion about the future of virtualization in assessment.

Click on the button below to view the presentations from Perspectives on Virtualization.

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